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Online payments & refunds. .
If a payment is taken and the takeaway is unable to fulfil the order you must as a customer contact the takeaway by phone or contact form on this website as soon as possible explaining the situation, this is generally the quickest and easiest solution .

If however you find no resolution with direct contact then email
quoting the following information: and address of the takeaway,
2.the day the order was placed,
3.the amount taken,
4.the order reference number displayed on the order email which was sent by the takeaway,
5.a contact name and contact telephone number.
Online Order Go will then contact the takeaway to help chase customer concerns.


Due to the nature of the business returns will only be accepted if a customer can prove products were unfit for consumption, if this is the case the product must be returned with a minimum of 60% of the product intact and within container supplied. A refund will then be given in cash after inspection of the returned product at the discretion of the takeaway.